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Umbrellas deliver great Brand Exposure in Time of Need

Umbrellas for brand exposure

Imagine dashing out into the rainy weather because you have forgotten an umbrella. As you run quickly to your destination, you are going to look at the umbrellas that others have, and if they are colourful or imprinted with a logo, you are sure to notice. Now, that is definitely one way that umbrellas give great brand exposure in time of need, but it goes beyond the more obvious marketing.

Inverted Umbrella

The receipt of an umbrella itself is full of messages of concern and care. For example, when a company, organization, or even an event hand out umbrellas to participants or clients, it says right away that there is care involved. An umbrella is a wonderfully comforting item to have on hand, and yet many consumers forget to bring or buy them. Including them, in a welcome kit or as a thank you or welcome onboard item says you have given thought to the promotional gift.

Executive Umbrella

With options for full-sized, golf-sized, and handy portable umbrellas suited to a purse, briefcase or vehicle, there are many ways that your firm can promote your message while also showing you care about the people who receive promo umbrellas

Two-Tone Umbrellas

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