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Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser

Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser

This Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser with wireless chargers are a great promotional item in this technological age. We know that our smartphones harbour dangerous bacteria, this mini-sterilizer uses Ultraviolet & ozone to disinfect items like smartphones, earphones, keys, masks, glasses, jewellery, money and toys. This disinfectant process kills 99.9% of germs. The ultraviolet lamps are double-sided and […]

Custom Branded Hand Sanitiser Spray Bottles

Hand Sanitiser Spray Bottles

These hand sanitiser spray bottles come in 50 ml and 100 mls. Containing 75% alcohol, they are effective at eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria. A full-colour label allows for custom branding on the front. We have a range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Hand Sanitisers that can be bought branded or unbranded. These […]

Touchless Digital Infrared Thermometer

Touchless Digital Infrared Thermometer

This touchless digital thermometer is well suited for health-related marketing opportunities. No contact is required to obtain a temperature reading, reducing the risk of infection transmission. The Touchless Digital Thermometer can be read temperatures on humans, objects and the general room temperature. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.2c and can save up to temperature […]

PPE Range + Hand Sanitisers

PPE Protection & Hand Sanitisers

We have a range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Hand Sanitisers that can be bought branded or unbranded. These are ideal for health-related promotions N95 Safety Mask with Filter N95 Safety face mask. Dust mouth mask equipped with a breathing valve. Surgical face protector bacterial filter respirator. Comfortable fit with adjustable nose clip help […]

Don’t let a Sniffle Stop your next Promotion

Custom Branded Lozenges

Winter is no time to let your marketing go into hibernation. Cough lollies, or perhaps more correctly lozenges are a way to keep your branding working during the cooler months. We have a range of popular retail brand lozenges that can be custom branded. We have custom branded cough lollies like Soothers Butter Menthol, Soothers […]

Confectionery Filled Syringe

Candy Filled Syringe

Looking to inject something a little different into your next promo, these syringe filled confectionery tubes offer something a little different in a promo product. Whether you are in the medical industry, looking at following the trend in the latest flu season (or coronavirus), or just have a good pun to enhance, these confectionery filled syringes […]