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Why Co-Branding with Nike and Under Armour Works for Your Brand

Co-Branding with Nike and Under Armour

Anyone who knows sports-oriented clothing knows the names Nike and Under Armour. Trusted for years by the outdoorsy and active folks, they are an ideal name to co-brand your business or enterprise. With well-designed polos in almost any colour, both brands can let you provide your team or your clients with a fashionable, comfortable, and […]

Go Long Sleeve for Sun protection and Brand Extension

Corporate uniforms and clothing have long been an effective branding tool, in a global advertising effectiveness study, 35% interviewed in Sydney said they owned a company branded shirt. With the summer months and the increased sun exposure, long sleeve polos and tees are becoming an evermore popular promotional item. With UPF factors from 35 up […]

Are your Clients Seen in Athleisure Wear

In recent times we have seen a fashion trend with people wearing their gym gear well beyond going to and from the gym. The sporty come stylish look, along with the comfortable nature of the materials, have seen this sector grow to annually to over $80B USD market globally. It’s also the fastest growing category […]