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Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser

Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser

This Multi-Function Mini-Steriliser with wireless chargers are a great promotional item in this technological age. We know that our smartphones harbour dangerous bacteria, this mini-sterilizer uses Ultraviolet & ozone to disinfect items like smartphones, earphones, keys, masks, glasses, jewellery, money and toys. This disinfectant process kills 99.9% of germs. The ultraviolet lamps are double-sided and […]

Custom Branded Hand Sanitiser Spray Bottles

Hand Sanitiser Spray Bottles

These hand sanitiser spray bottles come in 50 ml and 100 mls. Containing 75% alcohol, they are effective at eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria. A full-colour label allows for custom branding on the front. We have a range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Hand Sanitisers that can be bought branded or unbranded. These […]

Portraying A Healthy Corporate Image

Healthy Corporate Image

Corporations often face an umbrella reputation for being unconcerned about their workers or customers and emphasizing the bottom line. This is a tough image to shake, and so you may want to consider promo goods that depict a healthy image for your corporation or business enterprise. And by a healthy image, we mean items that […]