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Flashing LED Beanie

Flashing LED Beanie

Customised Beanies are a great winter-time promotion, we can add LED flashing lights to most beanie designs. Being full customised we can weave your logo and messaging into the material for a classy look with great advertising real estate space. The flashing LED technology can be added to lightweight Santa hats, perfect for the Australian […]

Recycled PET Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth - made from Recycled PET Bottles

Microfibre lens cloths are a popular promotional product as they have great utility for your clients, offer large advertising real estate, are cost-effective enough to hand out at trade shows and light enough to work as a mailable promo (AKA Lumpy Mail). These eco-friendly microfibre cloths are made of recycled PET bottles, reducing the amount […]