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How to be known for Safety

Marketing messages work best when they work on the subconscious of the recipient. This is because the recipient has a feeling of self discovery which creates ownership of the message. One way to use this little gem is to use promotional products that send an underlying message. We usually find this works best when the branding message is with no […]

How to Promote a product with Multiple Uses

When promoting a product with multiple uses it makes sense to use a multi-use promotional product. This creates a subconscious correlation in the customers mind, the messages seems congruent, it seems smart. There are many promotional product options for this including stylus pens, stylus USB flash drives, fitness bottles dumbbells through to caps with built in […]

What are Texting Gloves?

You may have seen Texting Gloves in retail shops and wondered what they are for? Most smartphones and tablets have what is called Capacity Touch, the screen registers movements by picking up fluctuations in the screens electrical fields. Our fingers work well on these types of screens as they give off electrical impulses, cover those […]

How Clean is your Smartphone?

Smartphones, tablet computers and office keyboards are riddled with more dangerous bacteria than toilet seats, as claimed by a recent UK Telegpraph article. Our ever increasing “reliance” on the devices, the nature of on-the-go eating while working and an alarming stat that suggests 11% of us are using our smartphones and tablets in the bathroom are […]