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Is your Smartphone Clean?

Smartphone Germs - How To Clean

Smartphones, tablets, computers and office keyboards are often riddled with more dangerous bacteria than toilet seats. Also, a 2011 Study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, found fecal matter on 1 out of every 6 smartphones! Another stat suggests that 11% of us use our smartphones while in the bathroom, maybe not […]

Get Personal with Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing Promotional Products

Everyone likes the sound of their own name, as marketers, we gain an advantage by using our customer’s name in our marketing campaigns. With Variable Data Printing we can print individual names alongside branded promotional products. These power banks are 2 such items where we can add individual names. Offering full-colour edge to edge printing […]

Why Wireless Chargers work as a Promotion

Custom Branded Wireless Chargers

What better way to have your business or company name associated with usefulness and positive thoughts than to provide a promotional item that ranks as one of the most useful? When you hand out wireless chargers, you become associated with a sense of efficiency, usefulness, and positivity. This becomes even truer if your wireless charger […]

Fast Wireless Charging + Clock

This Clock – Wireless Charger combination product combines two of the most effective promotional products in one. Branded Clocks have always been a promotional product mainstay, they last a long time and are looked at frequently (ie you get frequent brand exposure). Wireless chargers have become popular due to our high usage of smartphones and […]

How to Identify the Best Telecommunications Promotional Items for Your Company

Ask anyone about the potential range of telecommunications promotional items and you’ll probably hear a long list quickly itemised by even the non-technical person. This is because almost all of us use telecommunications devices every day and enjoy getting our hands on the gear necessary for using them best. It is why promotional items for […]

Do Promotional Items for Information Technology Firms Win Clients?

Now more than ever before, the world needs IT or information technology experts. The competition between these professionals, however, is fierce, and so any sort of marketing efforts must be made in order to win new clients or retain existing ones. The option for handing out information technology promotional items is one not to be […]