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Trade Show Cancelled? How Can You Market to Clients Now?

What to do when your trade show gets cancelled

The headlines are making it clear to everyone – there is going to be a new “norm,” and it will be defined by a ban on larger gatherings. That means that trade shows and conferences are being postponed or flatly cancelled in all corners of the globe.

If you are like many others, you were counting on the direct interface with clients and potential clients during that show. So, how on earth do you make lemonade from this particular batch of lemons? We have quite a few fast, easy, and effective solutions.

  • Think about your budget – Now that the trade show cancelled, you’ll see an immediate cash injection back into your operating budget. After all, there are now refunded fees, no travel fees, and no expenses relating to your participation in the show (food, extra labour, materials, and so on). This means you have a bit of room to get creative with marketing.
  • Think “Lumpy” Mail – If you already invested in all of the promotional products you were going to hand out at the show or conference, you don’t have to “sit” on them indefinitely. Instead, you can redirect that capital towards lumpy mail that still enables as physical connection with the clients and potential clients, AND you can still deliver that promo item you put such time and thought behind.
  • Think virtual – A recent article about the scores of trade show cancellations around the world explained that many “companies are taking their shows online with virtual events they stream from their headquarters to reach customers anyway.” This doesn’t have to break the bank, either, because you can create a Facebook LIVE event or another streaming event and draw in clients and leads.

Keep in mind that same report said that there is no substitute for that physical, real-world connection and interaction. This is why you need to still get in touch and give them something that mentally connects them to you, i.e. passing out your promo goods. So, in this time of uncertainty and social distancing or isolation, you MUST try to reinforce a physical presence in the lives of your customers, clients, potential clients, and even your remote workers. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to deliver carefully chosen promotional products via lumpy mail. By doing so, you are reinforcing your connection in a way that no other form of marketing can ever achieve. At you can find the kinds of premium items ideal for creating and maintaining a connection with your clients, staff, and potential customers.

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