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Promotional Products for Mining Companies

It would be a lie for any firm to say it didn’t need to do ongoing marketing. Experts in the area of promotion, marketing, and advertising all agree that any sort of business has to be consistently seeking new clients. Whether it is the tiny, sole proprietor making artisan goods or the enormous global corporation […]

How Can You Use Promotional Items to Build Your Brand?

Promotional items have been used for a very long time as giveaways, swag, and even as prizes and awards. However, if you fail to take the right steps and considerations initially, you may find that you’re not able to build your brand effectively with these products. Not sure how you can use them to build […]

Reducing Waste can be a Shoe-In

Of the 3 R’s of recycling (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Reduce is perhaps the most powerful R as it means unnecessary items are not produced in the first place therefore negating or limiting the need for the other 2. Puma’s answer to this was the Clever Little Bag which uses 65% less cardboard and has no […]

Bottle up for a World Cup

For the 200 FIFA World Cup of the Brazilian soccer team uniform was made of recycled plastic bottles – about 8 bottles per jersey. The plastic bottles retrieved from landfills in Japan and Taiwan. After being melted down they were turned into yarn to produce the materials. By using recycled PET bottles, Nike reduced their […]

Power Banks – Which One?

Power Bank Custom Branded

Don’t get caught out with the wrong power bank! There are a few things you need to consider, based on what you want to charge, how many times and how quickly you want it done! 1.  Capacity Know the battery capacity of your device – see the table below as a guide. If your battery […]

Why Use Recognised Promotional Suppliers

We often get customers asking us to purchase and brand certain products they find online or in retails stores. We are often quote hesitant to do this for several reasons. Designated Promotional Products are : 1) Manufactured to produce good print area’s so that your message / logo gets maximum exposure 2) Made to be […]

The Right Questions Equals Success In Promotions

Asking the right questions is the start for a successful promotional campaign. Often we jump straight into the tactical side of promotional products (the products themselves)then try to marry the promotion back to the product we are promoting. The missed opportunity here is our advertising medium is often not congruent with the story we wish […]