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Eco Adult Reusable Face Mask

Eco Adult Reusable Face Mask

With face masks becoming mandatory or at least highly recommended throughout Australia, the costs both environmentally and financially of disposable masks is mounting. The Next Level Eco Adult Face Mask is made of 70% recyclable material, is washable and reusable. The breathable material is made of 40% recycled poly (from recycled bottles), 30% recycled cotton […]

Recycled PET Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth - made from Recycled PET Bottles

Microfibre lens cloths are a popular promotional product as they have great utility for your clients, offer large advertising real estate, are cost-effective enough to hand out at trade shows and light enough to work as a mailable promo (AKA Lumpy Mail). These eco-friendly microfibre cloths are made of recycled PET bottles, reducing the amount […]

Eco Promo Items made from Rice Husks

Eco Promo-Items - Rice Husks

Rice is one of the world’s largest and most important food crops. The rice husk left behind after production is often burnt off for disposal, causing air pollution. We have a range of promotional products made of Rice Husk and BPA-Free polypropylene, reducing the need for such burn-offs. The natural rice husk materials have a […]