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Being SunSmart and Using Promo Sunscreen for Summer Long Marketing

Custom Branded Sunscreen Promo

With the onset of Summer, now is the time to start getting back into the routine of being SunSmart. Being SunSmart is a simple and effective way to reduce your risk and exposure to our sun’s damaging rays. Applying your branding to sunscreen products is an ideal promotional product for your customers. Not only does […]

How to Connect Promotional Items with Your Brand

There’s no denying that promotional products can help with brand building and increasing your market share. They can work with businesses, non-profit organisations, schools, churches, and even festival organisers. However, you need to do more than just follow the herd when it comes to the types of promotional items you use. Sure, there are some […]

How Can You Use Promotional Items to Build Your Brand?

Promotional items have been used for a very long time as giveaways, swag, and even as prizes and awards. However, if you fail to take the right steps and considerations initially, you may find that you’re not able to build your brand effectively with these products. Not sure how you can use them to build […]

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Needs

Promotional products have proven appeal and can help any business or organisation build their brand, reach their audience, and improve their success. However, not all promotional products are right for your needs. It’s vital that you choose the right options, but that can be challenging. Thankfully, a few simple tips will set you on the […]

6 Tips to Get Better Traction with Promotional Products

Promotional products can have a significant impact on your marketing and branding success. However, they must be used in the right way if you’re to see those benefits. Not sure how to go about building traction with promotional items? We’ve got six tips that will help improve your success, build your brand, and improve market […]

A SUPA idea!


New digital reproduction technologies now being offered in the promotional industry means that you can add that WOW factor when decorating headwear, apparel and bags. Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. It reproduces logos perfectly in full colour without a need to compromise. Unlimited colours and ultra-high resolution delivers high vibrancy […]

Market in the Boardroom

Looking for a way to get your branding message in your prospects boardroom. Custom branded whiteboard markers give you that opportunity. Right at the time when your prospective clients are in deep strategic thinking, your message is there. These BIC brand whiteboard erasers are Dry-Erase. With a 40 mm x 20 mm screen print area, […]