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Air Diffuser for Home Offices

Air Diffuser - Humidifier

These air diffusers are a great in-home marketing item whether you are a business that requires residential marketing or your staff or clients work from home. They fill a room with fresh, scented hydration. And you know that when we invoke multiple senses we increase the connection with a brand. Humidifiers can help with reducing […]

How Do Healthcare Promotional Items Help Grow a Business or Practice?

Healthcare Promotional Items

The concept of promotional items for healthcare practitioners or businesses may seem unfeasible. After all, clients typically seek out services or products in the healthcare area because of a need more than a want. This is not something that traditional marketing looks at, but is instead focused on catching the eye of a potential client […]

Why Customisation Matters with Promotional Products

Promotional products can do a lot to help you build brand recognition, increase market share, and more. However, the product itself is only one side of the coin. Your efforts are pointless if the products you’re giving away, using as prizes, or offering as rewards are not customised to your business or organisation. What should […]

How to Connect Promotional Items with Your Brand

There’s no denying that promotional products can help with brand building and increasing your market share. They can work with businesses, non-profit organisations, schools, churches, and even festival organisers. However, you need to do more than just follow the herd when it comes to the types of promotional items you use. Sure, there are some […]