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The Indestructible Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Glass Set

Custom Branded Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Glass Set

We’ve all been there before. You’ve just poured yourself a glass of wine and are about to settle in for a night of enjoyment. Your elbow knocks the glass and it topples, shattering on the floor. Perhaps your experience wasn’t quite so dramatic, but we all know this particular agony. Our Stemless Stainless Steel Wine […]

Don’t let a Sniffle Stop your next Promotion

Custom Branded Lozenges

Winter is no time to let your marketing go into hibernation. Cough lollies, or perhaps more correctly lozenges are a way to keep your branding working during the cooler months. We have a range of popular retail brand lozenges that can be custom branded. We have custom branded cough lollies like Soothers Butter Menthol, Soothers […]

Air Diffuser for Home Offices

Air Diffuser - Humidifier

These air diffusers are a great in-home marketing item whether you are a business that requires residential marketing or your staff or clients work from home. They fill a room with fresh, scented hydration. And you know that when we invoke multiple senses we increase the connection with a brand. Humidifiers can help with reducing […]

Gaming for new Clients

Custom Branded Dominoes

Using games to brand can be a fun way of engaging your marketing with your client base. This domino set is an old-time favourite, the set comes with instructions in a wooden box. The box can be pad printed or laser engraved for a classy natural look. Custom branded games are good for in-home marketing, […]