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Spyder Performance Apparel as the Ultimate Promo Product

Custom Printed Spyder Permance Apparel

If you are not yet aware of Spyder Performance Apparel, you will want to make yourself familiar with the brand. It is an international performance apparel brand with iconic, innovative product design. It offers the kind of template garments ideally suited to any brand looking to use premium wearables as giveaways and promos. Whether you […]

Merino – The Eco Clothing

Merino Coporate Clohting

We have many options available in clothing today including cotton, poly/cotton, soft-shell material, wool, acrylic and cool dry materials. One clothing material which is at the higher end of the spectrum is Merino wool. Used in clothing, Merino offers some unique qualities. It is incredibly warm, breathable and buffers changes in the micro-climate to maintain body temperature. It’s hydrophilic nature means that it absorbs moisture […]