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Custom Branded Stemless Champagne Flutes

Is there a better way to say let’s celebrate than with Champagne? These Stemless Champagne Flutes can be custom branded with laser engraving or pad printing to keep the feeling of celebration lasting longer than the actual event itself. Check out more glassware options that can be custom branded by clicking here.

Rubik’s Cube Turns 40

To celebrate Rubik’s Cube turning 40, they have come out with a new puzzle – Rubik’s Edge. As with the traditional Rubik’s Cube, they are also available to be custom branded. Being pocket-sized (57mm x 57mm x 19mm) they are versatile go-anywhere type of promotional item. For extra effect, we can also custom print a […]

Repel Insects, Attract Clients

In summertime we often think of Suns out – Guns out, but it can also be Suns Out – Bugs Out. Custom branded insect repellent is a cost-effective way to promote your branding message through the warmer months. As we know, when a product has utility value for the user than the brand gains greater […]

Lindt Hot Chocolate Kit

Promotional ideas around coffee using coffee has long been a promo favourite, especially at trade shows.  But what do you do for the non-caffeine drinker? This hot chocolate kit with Lindt Chocolate will impress your non-coffee drinking clients with the high-quality Lindt brand. Each Cup comes with 25grams of Lindt Hot Chocolate flakes and 2 […]