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Air Diffuser for Home Offices

Air Diffuser - Humidifier

These air diffusers are a great in-home marketing item whether you are a business that requires residential marketing or your staff or clients work from home. They fill a room with fresh, scented hydration. And you know that when we invoke multiple senses we increase the connection with a brand. Humidifiers can help with reducing […]

Gaming for new Clients

Custom Branded Dominoes

Using games to brand can be a fun way of engaging your marketing with your client base. This domino set is an old-time favourite, the set comes with instructions in a wooden box. The box can be pad printed or laser engraved for a classy natural look. Custom branded games are good for in-home marketing, […]

Promotional Products for Residential Electrical Clients

Promo Products for Electricians

Whether you are an electrical contractor eager to supply your residential electrical clients with a memorable gift or thank you item, or you are a smaller operator eager to provide promotional products for potential residential customers, you have a lot of options. In fact, it could be said that promo goods for residential electrical clients […]