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Shopping Trolley Barrier Note

Shopping Cart Barrier Note for Virus Protection

More and more people are either wearing gloves when going to the supermarket or are using wipes to clean off any potential germs and viruses from the shopping cart handles. These Barrier Notes are another option to protect people, all with an advertising opportunity 🙂 Think of a larger Post-It Note, we print these in […]

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PPE Range + Hand Sanitisers

PPE Protection & Hand Sanitisers

We have a range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Hand Sanitisers that can be bought branded or unbranded. N95 Safety Mask with Filter N95 Safety face mask. Dust mouth mask equipped with a breathing valve. Surgical face protector bacterial filter respirator. Comfortable fit with adjustable nose clip help provide a strong seal. Cushion foam […]

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Stop The Spread – Messaging with Promo Items

Notebook Custom Branded

Why not add a community message to your marketing. It creates a sense of caring for your community while adding greater importance to your promo item. One option is these A5 journals (notebooks). We can print a message like this one – “SIMPLE STEPS TO HELP STOP THE SPREAD” on the back of each journal. […]

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Don’t let a Sniffle Stop your next Promotion

Custom Branded Lozenges

Winter is no time to let your marketing go into hibernation. Cough lollies, or perhaps more correctly lozenges are a way to keep your branding working during the cooler months. We have a range of popular retail brand lozenges that can be custom branded. We have custom branded cough lollies like Soothers Butter Menthol, Soothers […]

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Air Diffuser for Home Offices

Air Diffuser - Humidifier

These air diffusers are a great in-home marketing item whether you are a business that requires residential marketing or your staff or clients work from home. They fill a room with fresh, scented hydration. And you know that when we invoke multiple senses we increase the connection with a brand. Humidifiers can help with reducing […]

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Promoting a Productive HOME OFFICE

Home Office Motivation

With lots of staff & clients working from home, that does not mean we lose our opportunity to deliver our core message, which may be around Corporate Culture, Safety, Motivation or product based. Think of ways you can keep marketing, motivating and keeping your key people safe. Focus When marketing in the home, think what […]

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