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Merino – The Eco Clothing

Merino Coporate Clohting

We have many options available in clothing today including cotton, poly/cotton, soft-shell material, wool, acrylic and cool dry materials. One clothing material which is at the higher end of the spectrum is Merino wool. Used in clothing, Merino offers some unique qualities. It is incredibly warm, breathable and buffers changes in the micro-climate to maintain body temperature. It’s hydrophilic nature means that it absorbs moisture […]

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Cross Back Aprons reduce Stress & Tension

cross back aprons

Custom branded Aprons are not only a functional item but deliver great branding in cafe’s restaurants and corporate events. These cross back aprons not only look stylish but they share the load across the shoulders which alleviates stress and tension. With various materials, colours and the ability to mix & match, a stunning look can […]

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Because Handwriting is Better for Learning

Handwriting For Better Learning

In a Business Insider article, they quote some research from Princeton University and the University of California on why handwriting is better for learning. One of the reasons is that it is slower than typing, so we have to think of ways to summarise, take representative quotes and ask questions to understand. This extra effort […]

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Reach a Wide Audience with Nursing Promotional Products

You might feel that it is only nurses, aides and those in medicine who will find uses for nursing promotional products, and yet many niches have a “story” relating to care. Because nursing is also closely related to health and fitness, teamwork, and hard work, there are many audiences well-suited to the use of nursing […]

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Promotional Items for Cybersecurity Experts

promo items for cybersecurity

Anyone working in cybersecurity has a lot of technology to master, and they are probably going to appreciate any sort of gift or promo item that keeps their data safe from unauthorized access or even attack. Naturally, the company that emphasizes cybersecurity or works with data in any way can also look to cybersecurity promotional […]

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The Impact of Speakers Gifts

While almost all keynote speakers at conferences, guest speakers, or centre stage presenters are going to be paid or somehow compensated for their hard work, they also should receive some sort of gift from the event sponsor. Why? Just consider, they are often the reason that seats sell or people sign on to attend the […]

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