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Creating Sales Incentives with Promotional Products

Sales Incentives

Sales people are always motivated to do their jobs because, more often than not, their earnings depend on the amount of sales made. However, there are times when motivation and inspiration may be needed to get them really rolling along with their work. A motivated sales force is often one of the most important elements […]

Fast Wireless Charging + Clock

Wiress Charger with Clock

This Clock – Wireless Charger combination product combines two of the most effective promotional products in one. Branded Clocks have always been a promotional product mainstay, they last a long time and are looked at frequently (ie you get frequent brand exposure). Wireless chargers have become popular due to our high usage of smartphones and […]

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

There are many positions that involve a lot of travel. Whether it is property management, sales, or a more general corporate-oriented industry, it could be easy to associate travelling with your clientele. Because of that, the use of promotional products for them is a great concept. While it is important to look at your audience […]

Perfect for the Overnight Traveller

For the corporate traveller getting the right luggage is everything, particularly for those short trips. This Marco Polo BackPac has an innovative design, it doubles as a backpack capable of holding a 15.6” laptop and also as a garment organiser with just a few quicks zips! The Marco Polo BackPac is made with high-quality water-resistant […]