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Promo Items for the STEM Industry

Promo Items for Stem Companies

Science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM is an area of study that is being heavily promoted in many colleges and universities. Science and chemistry oriented businesses, engineering firms, and labs, will all be interested in receiving promotional products with a STEM-related theme. The big question, then, is what sort of goods can […]

Creating Sales Incentives with Promotional Products

Sales Incentives

Sales people are always motivated to do their jobs because, more often than not, their earnings depend on the amount of sales made. However, there are times when motivation and inspiration may be needed to get them really rolling along with their work. A motivated sales force is often one of the most important elements […]

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

There are many positions that involve a lot of travel. Whether it is property management, sales, or a more general corporate-oriented industry, it could be easy to associate travelling with your clientele. Because of that, the use of promotional products for them is a great concept. While it is important to look at your audience […]

Tips for Using Promotional Products to Market to Your Clients Hobbies

“You speak my language,” is a rather modern way of telling someone that they understand you at a deeper level. “You really get me,” is another way of expressing the thought, and we say these things because it can be surprising to discover that someone does have that deeper understanding of our interests, personality, and […]

Dry Bag with a Full-Colour, Overall Print

Dry bags have been a popular item for the outdoor enthusiast for years now. Their versatility and functionality have meant they are popular for the hiker, the beach-goer, the camper and the fisherman (and many more). For this reason, Dry Bags have become a popular and effective promotional item. Also, they have a large print […]

Promotional Products for Mining Companies

It would be a lie for any firm to say it didn’t need to do ongoing marketing. Experts in the area of promotion, marketing, and advertising all agree that any sort of business has to be consistently seeking new clients. Whether it is the tiny, sole proprietor making artisan goods or the enormous global corporation […]

Summer Branding with Custom Boards

What a great way to keep your branding work all summer with this summer-themed promotional products. Your clients get to hit the water enjoying the great Australian summer while still connecting with your brand – and we mean physically connecting!!!! We custom print Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, Wake Boards and Skim Boards with your branding.  […]