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Sticky Nano Rubber Pad

Looking to make your next promo stick – literally? These Sticky Nano Rubber Pads are a useful item to fix items to an otherwise smooth surface. Common uses are to fix Smartphones and keys but the potential uses are limitless. They can be custom branded and also the pad can be PMS matched to your […]

Custom Branded Skittles Candy

Skittles brand is available to the Australia promotional products industry. Custom branding confectionery has long been a popular promo item for trade shows, product launches and a nice little mailer add on (to increase your direct mail getting read). Using a recognised brand like Skittles makes the buying decision easy in that you know exactly […]

Dental Floss as a promo item – brings a smile to your face

Custom Branded Dental Floss

Sometimes a promotional item just makes sense, much like not having to explain a punchline to a joke! This Dental Floss dispenser makes an ideal gift come business card for dentists and those in the oral hygiene sector. With 10 metres of mint flavoured floss, a mirror and full-colour printing, this business card sized promo […]

How Evernote use Promotional Stickers to help customers and turn them into mini billboards

Stickers are a common promotional item that has been used for everything from political campaigns, cause advertising, supporting local football teams etc. They work as they are cost-effective on large scale, easy to ship and allow the recipient to show their support for their team, cause etc. They come in many forms for different uses; […]