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KFC Crocs – What Next?

Customised Promo Shoes

Great promo idea, or weird brand extension? KFC has unveiled its latest promo to be launched in a few weeks. The fully customised crocs not only have the world-famous fried chicken printed over the top of the crocs, but they also have chicken-scented JIBBITZ charms. We know when we use multiple senses in marketing it has greater appeal and resonance, ie IMPACT (and these have sight, touch and smell). For more on using senses with promotional products, CLICK HERE.

The KFC crocs will go on sale for $60USD, meaning KFC will not get free advertising, they will make money off it. Using the CROCS brand is a good collaboration for KFC as it leverages the good brand reputation of CROCS and allows a higher sell price. 

Customising your promotional products has never been easier, cheaper or have the variety of options we now have. For most brands, a collaboration with a retail brand like CROCS is not necessary if the items are to be given away.

For more ideas on how you can custom make your next promotional item, CLICK HERE

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