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E-Memo Board

E-Memo for In-Home-Marketing

Looking for a better in-home marketing idea? These e-memo boards are a popular retail item available as a custom printed promo item. They have a great eco profile as they reduce paper waste (think shopping lists).

e-memo promotional item

It comes with a stylus that clips onto the side of the board, the stylus can also be used to create a stand for the e-memo (by placing it in the hole at the bottom of the e-memo). The e-memo has a magnet on the back, allowing it to stick to any magnetic surface, eg a fridge. This allows prime-time marketing real estate in the house.

In-home promo products work great for companies in the Real Estate, Trade (Electrical, Plumbing Pest Control) industries. Also for food companies, what better place to brand than on a shipping list!

We can add your logo via pad printing or a full-colour digital application.

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