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Promoting a Productive HOME OFFICE

Home Office Motivation

With lots of staff & clients working from home, that does not mean we lose our opportunity to deliver our core message, which may be around Corporate Culture, Safety, Motivation or product based. Think of ways you can keep marketing, motivating and keeping your key people safe.


When marketing in the home, think what would be really convenient for someone to use while working away from the office. 

One of the first items that come to mind, Noise Cancelling Headphones, yes there are extra distractions at home, so lets brand noise-cancelling headphones to allow the recipient to focus while chillin to some groovy sounds.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Custom Branded


We know the dangers of cyber hackers, and one of the ways the gain entry into our lives is through a webcam. Branded webcam covers are a low cost-effective way of covering the webcam when not in use, while branding front & centre on your staff/clients screen.

Webcam Cover – Custom Branded


In these times, personal health is one of our best weapons, delivery of double-walled vacuum drink bottles and infusion bottles delivers a good healthy image and encourages healthier habits. Also, think of evoking the senses with scented candles or even an air diffuser. If you would like to encourage your staff/clients to get some physical movement, then maybe some exercise items like resistance bands and yoga mats, or perhaps custom branded protein powder.

Air Diffuser – Custom Branded


Reinforce a clean hygienic message with custom branded Hand Sanitisers, Anti-Bacterial Wipes, Screen Cleaner and Microfiber cloths. 

Screen Cleaner, Anti-Bacterial Wipes – Custom Branded


And yes, it is still a great idea to offer a little comfort, send them cookies, confectionery, classy coffee cups or perhaps even a custom branded hoodie to have that at work at home feel. You can also send out custom branded hot chocolate and tea.

Drinking Chocolate – Custom Branded

Consider that we can provide custom branded cough lollies like Butter Menthol, Vicks VapoNaturals Drops and Eucalyptus Drops in a variety of packaging. Promo Tissues are also a universally used promo item.

Butter Menthols – Custom Branded
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