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Why Use Promotional Products to Build Your Success?

Today, you have access to a wider range of tools to help generate success for your organisation or business than ever before. There are traditional advertising methods. There’s a slew of digital marketing tools and techniques, too, like social media marketing and email marketing. If that is the case, why should you worry about using promotional products? Actually, there are some pretty compelling reasons that promo items should still be part of your marketing arsenal.

They’re Popular

First, promo items are more popular than you might think. Even things like stubby coolers and ballpoint pens that might seem trite and overused are hits in swag bags and as giveaways on tradeshow tables. By investing even a modest amount into promotional and giveaway products, you gain an asset that has significant appeal. Plus, there are innovative products on the market that offer much more appeal than your basic pens and drink holders.

They’re Kept for Longer Than You Think

Did you know that the average promotional item is kept for eight months? That’s a pretty long time considering that most of these items are stress balls, stubby coolers, and pens that cost pennies to purchase. Imagine how much longer a higher-quality promotional item would be kept? Some can be kept and used for years to come, offering an incredible return on your investment.

They Get Your Message Out into the Real World

Promotional items do you a favour by getting your tagline and message out into the real world. Sure, your blog posts, your social media posts, your billboards – those all help, but they do not touch what promo items can do. These allow you to get your logo and tagline into your audience’s personal lives, exposing their friends and family to your brand in unique ways.

They’re Affordable

How much do you spend on digital marketing every month? What about traditional advertising? Chances are good it’s a significant amount of money and tracking the return on that investment can be challenging. With promotional items, you gain an inexpensive marketing tool that delivers significant ROI.

They Can Be Customised Easily

One of the most important benefits of promotional items is their ability to be customised. You can take that plain item and brand it with your logo, your tagline, and even a marketing message. That amplifies your marketing efforts significantly. And, with the right customisation technology, the message will last for a long time to come.

They Build Brand Recognition

As hinted at, promotional items are great ways to build brand recognition, particularly when you choose products that resonate with your audience and that synergise with your company or organisation’s goals, industry, or purpose. 

They Expand Your Reach at No Additional Cost

Finally, you’ll discover that promotional items give you the means to expand your marketing reach at no additional cost. Yes, you’ll pay for the product and customisation, but you’ll receive months, perhaps years, of branding and marketing from each item given away.

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