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Portraying A Healthy Corporate Image

Healthy Corporate Image

Corporations often face an umbrella reputation for being unconcerned about their workers or customers and emphasizing the bottom line. This is a tough image to shake, and so you may want to consider promo goods that depict a healthy image for your corporation or business enterprise. And by a healthy image, we mean items that can be used to suggest that a long and healthy life is what your company desires for its customers and staff.

The good news is that there are many health and wellness-oriented promo products that will depict a healthy image for a corporation of any kind. The essential step is to find those that align with your company’s focus or industry and the message you wish to send. Here are a few good illustrations of that point:

Sunblock – A branded container of sunblock (whether it is as a keychain or a full-blown bottle) says that you are concerned about the recipient’s health and well-being. Choose a brand that is coral and reef-friendly, and you show an environmental concern.

Fitness – Nothing says you care about your staff or customers like a fitness-oriented promotional product. Because not everyone uses all kinds of gear, it is a good idea to think of universally beneficial and health-inspiring options. We think that running armbands and jogs traps are ideal. They are good if the recipient is walking, jogging, cycling or running errands. They can feature your logo and show that your concerned with everyone’s fitness and health

First aid kits – It might seem odd to hand out a first aid kit as a promotional product to depict a healthy image for your corporation, but it makes perfect sense. Supplying people with a good collection of emergency products for their car, tote bag, or office desk says you are all about well-being and associates your name with goodwill.

Try to pair up your brand with the message you want to send and use ideas like those above to get the most mileage for your logo and your clients’ benefit.

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