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Custom Branded Floor Mats

The 3M Nomad Aqua Series 85 is designed to keep your entrance clean and safe, with excellent durability that can handle high traffic areas from 1500 to 5000 crossings per day. Available as drop-down mats or in rolls, we can custom cut your mat to suit any indoor area. Ideal for use in offices, hotels, restaurants and retail stores, this flexible and easy to install entrance matting comes in the choice of black and grey.

The 3M Nomad Entrance Mat 6050 has backed, vinyl-loop matting for outdoor or indoor applications. It is suitable for medium traffic volumes with a backed vinyl matting for indoor applications. The resilient vinyl loop construction traps, holds and hides dirt and sand so the surface stays neat and clean. Vinyl backing reduces creeping and provides added foot comfort. Available in brown, blue, grey and black with an attractive finish.

Excellent dirt removal and hiding properties and suitable for medium traffic. Also available as a logo inlay mat.

Developed and refined over 30 years, 3M have tried and tested a dual-fibre loop system that traps dirt and moisture more effectively than conventional matting. And it goes on working harder for longer too, providing lasting protection for your floors, your company image, your staff and your customers.

We can customise the size of the mat or provide a standard size suited to most entrance areas.

Its revolutionary vinyl “coiled loops” was developed to help remove moisture as well as dirt and debris.

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