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Tips for Selecting Promotional Products for Sporting Clubs

Promotional products help clubs build team spirit, create loyalty around the club, increase membership and create awareness to attract sponsors

Soccer, polo, football, bowling…these are all activities that can also become sporting clubs, and when a group gathers to play a sport, they usually have a lot of costs associated with it. There are facilities and other issues that end up becoming those “make or break” issues that can prevent the sporting club from growing or even existing. That’s when fundraising and membership drives have to occur, and THAT is when promotional products for sporting clubs can save the day.

Of course, not all sporting clubs have a struggle where underwriting their activities and events are concerned, and it might just be a matter of team spirit that needs to be developed and maintained. Again, promotional products for sporting clubs are a great answer because they will feature the team’s colours, logos or mascots, and other details. These products can be used or worn by players and fans alike, and can

Naturally, not all promotional products are well suited to all sporting clubs. Wristbands with a club’s logo are unlikely to work well for something like swimming or polo. Yet, there are a few universally appealing options. The key is to choose products that:

  • Clearly display the sporting club’s information, logo or colours
  • Are useful to people who might be part of the sport or support it
  • That are somehow in alignment with the sport

For example, any sporting clubs that have events outdoors and that might not always have seating for those who attend could consider any number of portable seats, cushions, blankets and similar gear. Such items could be customised to display the club’s details or logos, would be useful and would be in total alignment with the sport.

Top Options for Promotional Products for Sporting Clubs

So, with that in mind, what are some more of those universally appealing options? They include:

Water bottles – Though it seems like the most obvious item, it is a perennial favourite among sporting clubs and those who might receive or buy them as promotional gear. Be sure to match colours and get the club’s information clearly printed on the bottle. It is a portable piece of promotion for the club and can be incredibly useful

Gear bags – Whether it is a classic tote, a gym bag, a string backpack, or some other bag or tote, it is a very useful, highly visible, and easily seen piece of promotional gear for a sporting club.

Garments – T-shirts, jerseys, socks, wrist and headbands, ball caps, shorts…there are so many garments that would meet those three criteria above, and it is a very wise choice to have at least a few options in these kinds of promotional products for sporting clubs on an annual basis

You can also consider those stadium seats, blankets, bumper stickers, keychains, and umbrellas as perennial favourites. The point is to get the word out about the club, build up a fan base, recruit members, and enjoy seeing the different promotional items as often as possible

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