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Reach a Wide Audience with Nursing Promotional Products

Promo Products for Nurses

You might feel that it is only nurses, aides and those in medicine who will find uses for nursing promotional products, and yet many niches have a “story” relating to care. Because nursing is also closely related to health and fitness, teamwork, and hard work, there are many audiences well-suited to the use of nursing promotional products. As a simple example, a pedometer is a device that any nurse might benefit from using, as it tracks the steps that a nurse walks in doing their duties daily. What about the average office worker, mechanic, or just about anyone else? This is a good demonstration of the ways that promotional products related to nursing can be used across multiple industries and associated with health and fitness.

Caring as the Message

Nursing themed products can reach a wide audience in the health care industry, but they can also be used to depict the basic idea of care or concern, too. Insurance providers, home healthcare agencies, senior facilities, therapeutic practitioners…these are just a few examples.

The pedometer just mentioned, for instance, can be part of a corporate initiative to get everyone taking steps, and the devices branded with the company name, handed out, and used to get the brand out into the world (proudly emblazoned on the pedometer strapped to every recipient’s wrist).

While anyone involved in the nursing and medical niche will obviously appreciate the nursing promotional products like lunch totes, notebooks, portable hand sanitizer pumps, stress balls, keychains, and water bottles – these same gifts and products work well with lots of other industries, too. In fact, almost any industry can put these items to use in spreading their logo and tapping into a message of caring about recipients. Whether it is clients who receive nursing themed products or potential clients, they all get the message, “We care about your health, well-being, peace of mind, and more.”

Convenience Counts

Nurses and medical professionals always benefit from anything that helps to make their lives a bit easier, and something as simple as a microwaveable mug can get a lot of mileage. However, nurses and medical experts also like to have essentials on hand. Travel first aid kits, as a basic example, will be gladly received by anyone in the medical field and kept in their car, in a convenient tote, in their home, and lots of spots where a logo is easily seen. The same can be said of customized tubs of wet wipes, carabiner keychains with LED lights, shopping totes, pens, cooler bags, travel mugs, and even hot/cold packs.

Almost any of the items suitable as nursing promotional products can be used to convey a message of caring. They can offer the kind of convenience and practical use that anyone in nursing or medicine wants to enjoy, but the savvy marketer can also see how these items can be used to say “We care,” by the company or client handing them out. Whether it is to new customers, as part of B2B marketing, or to their staff, well-chosen promotional products from the nursing niche can work well in almost any industry where “caring” and “concern” are the most important messages.

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