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Promotional Items for Cybersecurity Experts

promo items for cybersecurity

Anyone working in cybersecurity has a lot of technology to master, and they are probably going to appreciate any sort of gift or promo item that keeps their data safe from unauthorized access or even attack. Naturally, the company that emphasizes cybersecurity or works with data in any way can also look to cybersecurity promotional gifts and items to gain traction with vendors, partners, or other B2B relationships. Handing out cybersecurity promos may also be a relevant way to make an impression at an industry event of some kind.

What sort of promo items fall under the heading of cybersecurity-related? They include items that might protect tech, work to make security issues somehow easier, or protect data. For instance, they can include:

  • RFID protective card cases, passport cases, and wallets – Credit cards and passports are now equipped with RFID chips, and cybersecurity experts warn of the vulnerabilities these create. Imprinted with a company logo, they will remind recipients of the security, safety or care you have for them whenever put to use
  • Clear totes – Whether it is an airline approved bag or an everyday tote, offering clear or transparent packs and bags (imprinted with a company logo) says many things about your concerns for the recipients of the item. They will appreciate the gift when attending a concert and finding they don’t need their bag searched. The same when boarding a plane, or going anywhere security may mandate bag searches. And you leverage their use by ensuring the logo is boldly printed in plain sight.
  • Waterproof phone cases – It is far more difficult than many realize to get waterproof phone cases, and yet these are amazingly useful cybersecurity promo gifts. They can be used at all times when they are fitted with an audio jack. They are often used by travellers to prevent phone damage in a pool or while on the water, and logos are widely seen when imprinted on these handy cases or bags
  • Secure USB drives –  Flash or thumb drives are some of the most frequently gifted cybersecurity promos, and yet few are secure. Cybersecurity professionals and anyone who has data they need to carry around will find an endless array of uses for a secure USB drive that has encryption and prevents tampering
  • Branded webcam covers – While it may seem paranoid to worry that a webcam is active or spying, it is something that almost everyone worries about. With a branded webcam cover as a promo gift, it can serve as a non-stop reminder of your brand while also serving that purpose of securing and protecting the privacy of the recipient who uses it.
  • Old school password trackers – In other words, branded notebooks that can be used to keep written track of passwords, cryptocurrency information, and more. With a logo on the cover, it is a reminder that the recipient’s best interests are your concern

Cybersecurity is an essential fixture in modern life, and whether for employees, as purely promotional goods, or at an event, these items are a wise way to show you care.

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