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Promo Sunglasses

Promo Sunglasses

In the history of promotional products, sunglasses are a perennial favourite. This is due to one thing – they are a vitally important accessory to most modern people. Outdoor eye protection is crucial in this period of increasing UV light, and so having a spare pair (or two, or ten!) is always helpful.

Rainbow Promo Sunglasses

The best part about choosing sunglasses (or accessories for sunglasses) as a promotional gift is that you have a diversity of options. Many are larger to accommodate the addition of a logo to the side arms of the glasses, and they come in a rainbow assortment of colours. Even the timeless “wayfarer” design is an option, and this means your recipients can remain fashionable even as they sport your logo and protect their vision.

Foldable Promo Sunglasses

There are two-tone options, fun and funky colour-changing styles that can shift from pale green to yellow, pink to purple, and more. There are helpful rubberised styles for the sportier recipients and even some models that incorporate alternative uses, such as bottle opening sunglasses…and any option is ideal for your marketing and promotional needs.

Metallic Promo Sunglasses

Promo sunglasses can be custom branded on the sunglasses themselves or on additional cases (both had versions and microfibre versions).

For options of sunglasses that can be custom printed, CLICK HERE

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