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Point of Impact – Why do Promo Products Work?

Point of Impact – Why do Promo Products Work?

Here is the thing about promotional products – they work. In fact, you might say they are crucial to the success of almost any business. Whether you run a real-world service business like shoe repair or dry cleaning or an entirely online enterprise like content production, your business needs promos.

Before looking at the “why” of it all, let’s take a moment to understand what is meant by the umbrella term “promo products.”

What Promo Products Are and Why They Work

While you might already spend a bit of money on marketing your business, if you are skipping a freebie you hand out or send to potential clients, you are missing out on a lot of potential marketing. This is because any promo (whether it is a pen, magnet or a costly wearable like a hoodie) is free marketing. The recipient appreciates it, certainly, but whenever it is used, it is a banner offering the chance for others to see your branding, ask about it, and follow up with a visit or call.

As one expert said, any business will need “promotional products as a cost-effective means of reaching out to more potential customers… promotional products as a cost-effective means of reaching out to more potential customers,” and small businesses or startups can reduce the overall marketing budget and STILL get a lot of action from promos.

Promo products can be almost anything that a customer will find useful, but they are even more effective if somehow connected to your industry or mission. As a gift, it must never be something less than useful. Interestingly enough, one (Sage World) surveyed recipients and users of promos and found that six out of ten consumers keep promos for up to two years, 85% of them choose to do business after getting a well-chosen promo, and almost 90% of recipients remember the company and its focus 24 months after receiving a promo.

As you have guessed – this means that a branded promo is the key to success. It has to clearly depict your logo, colours, and any related imagery. With this as the first part of the design process, you cannot go wrong with promo products.

The Point of Impact

In our everything digital world, it is tough to see the actual value behind promo products, and yet branded goods have what many describe as a point of impact on your potential market. This is not just the immediate “wow” factor of receiving a quality, branded good. For instance, that period of time over which a recipient keeps the branded item also means they look at it for that amount of time.

How long do they look at a banner ad? A pop up on a website? A snail mail postcard or letter? As you can see, there is a lengthy point of impact with a promo product that nothing else matches. 

If you are looking for the ultimate brand ambassador, it is a wise idea to take time to choose quality promo products that can be easily associated with your industry, business, or product/service. Be sure it has a useful life with potential customers, and you’ll see far greater results than you might have anticipated!

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