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Our Highland Whisky Glass Set Is Perfect for Sipping

custom branded highland whisky glass set

For the discerning connoisseur, one who spells it whisky, not whiskey, the right glassware is essential. Our Highland Whisky Glass Set is the ideal gift option and sure to please even the most demanding of recipients. What’s on offer in this set?

Examining the Highland Whisky Glass Set

The first thing you’ll notice is the lovely po ‘di fame presentation tube. It is designed in two pieces, with a foam divider inside to prevent damage to the glasses. It will also stand the test of time and looks at home on the bar as it does anywhere else. Of course, with the padding and robust protection offered, the tube is also an ideal solution for long-term storage.

Slide the top half off the tube and your recipient will find two stunning whisky glasses. Made from high-quality glass, these tumblers are double-walled. The faceted base offers a firm foundation, as well as eye-catching good looks. 

The inner wall is curved to add even more appeal, while the overall design and wide mouth help to aerate the whisky and amplify the nose, ensuring an optimum drinking experience. These glasses are perfectly sized for 20 to 40ml pours.

Who Makes the Best Recipient?

Our Highland Whisky Glass Set makes an excellent gift option for any number of different people. These glasses will look lovely on an executive’s bar, but they’re also perfect for gifting to clients or customers or to your employees.

However, the true beauty of these stunning whisky tumblers is that they’re completely customisable. At 4Promote, we use advanced technology capable of adding your organisation’s name, logo, slogan, and other brand collateral to both the protective tube and to the glasses themselves.

Why should you consider customising them? Doing so offers a number of benefits. First, your recipient will see your logo and name every time they use the glassware, keeping your company front and centre. It also offers positive reinforcement benefits – the enjoyment of their preferred tipple becomes associated with the brand, creating positive feelings.

Of course, we understand that different organisations have varying requirements for customisation. We would love the opportunity to discuss placement, style, design, and more with you. Just contact us and one of our specialists will help you understand exactly what’s possible with this set of lovely whisky glasses.

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