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Introducing Sugar Beet as the new eco-friendly component for Paper products

A blog on Sugar beet pulp being used in paper products

Sugar beet is a plant whose root contains a high concentration of sucrose and is grown commercially for sugar production. Beet pulp is a byproduct from processing the sugar beet which is used as fodder for horses and other livestock.

Crown van Gelder, a Dutch paper manufacturer, has developed a paper product made with sugar beet waste, which is a sustainable alternative to making paper and packaging materials with wood fibres.  

It is safe to use in direct contact with foodstuffs. By not needing to use heat and chemicals to remove wood dust from this product, it reduces the environmental impact by about 80% in comparison to traditional methods of working with wood fibre. The process of using sugar beet waste pulp uses significantly less water and energy compared to paper made entirely of wood fibres, thereby having a lower carbon and environmental footprint.

At 4Promote we now have available for your next promo a Sugar Beet Stuknote (post it notepads) which consists of 20% sugar beet pulp mixed with virgin wood fibres. It has a distinctive natural white look, highlighting it’s eco-friendly features.  

Contact 4Promote to order your custom branded, eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable Stuknote pad.

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