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How to Make the Most of Taking a Client to a Sporting Event

Whatever way you choose to woo a client or retain a client, it is likely that you put a lot of thought and effort into the whole process. If some of what you do involves taking them individually or in groups to sporting events, you already know that there are a lot of moving parts to the activity. There is the transportation, the purchasing of passes and other onsite amenities, the planning for discussing business (or not) during the event, ensuring some photos are made, and more.

Experts would say that there are a few crucial steps for success at such times, including:

  • Planning Far Ahead – We all know that the adage of “the sooner the better” is true, and that includes planning taking your client to a sporting event. This also lets you get the best tickets to the best events, and you cannot ignore the fact that a high quality or coveted game is likely to make a more favourable impression
  • Offering them a “Plus One” Option – Many people would like to attend events, and yet they might also greatly value their free time with their partner or family. Offering your client the opportunity to bring along a child or partner is a great way to connect with them at a deeper level.
  • Making a memory – It is also a time to pay attention to the other details, including the “take away” items or promotional goods you offer to them when they attend a sporting event as your guest. While you can have promotional items made for the day of the event (think caps, bags, and other products), it is also a good idea to think of a much higher quality promotional item. For example, you can send them a framed photo taken of them in the box seats or in front of a memorable and distinct part of the venue.

This last point is so relevant that we need to take a few minutes to expand on it.

Providing Tangible Memories with Promotional Products

The whole point of attending a sporting event is to build a connection with a client, and that also means promoting yourself or your firm. There are many ways that occur, but as noted above, there are two ways to use promotional items:

  • To supply them with promotional items on the “day of,” as it were. This is the kind of higher-quality corporate product that includes your logo and maybe even some customised language about the event. A ball cap, tote, t-shirt, or a corporate gift level item is a good start
  • To send them something relevant and valuable after the event. This is a keepsake level item that will be nice enough and/or impressive enough for them to display. Photos with a celebrity or player, an official team item, or anything that will serve as a reminder of both the day and your firm.

Attending a sporting event with a client is a great way to bond and build the relationship, and following it up with a quality promotional gift is often a potent message that “seals the deal”.

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