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Gel Ink V Ballpoint Pens

Invented by the Japanese company  Sakura Colour Products Corps in 1984, Gel Ink pens gained popularity as they are quick-drying and less likely to smudge or blot. The ink is thick and opaque and suspended in a water-based gel. Due to this, they show up more clearly on dark surfaces.

Gel ink pens are known to flow more freely than average ballpoints pens and as they use pigments rather than dyes there are more colour options available. 

In comparison, Ballpoint pens have the benefit of being inexpensive, reliable and maintenance-free. They do not tend to dry up or become clogged like an Ink Gel pen. Writing with a ballpoint pen is lighter and more deliberate.

One of the newer versions of Gel Ink pens is the Pilot Frixon pen, click here to learn more.

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