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Fundraisers for Charities

Promotional products are popular fundraisers for charities for multiple reasons. No matter the cause; schools, health campaigns, public awareness etc, promotional products allow for the raising of funds while simultaneously raising awareness for the charity.

The person purchasing the promotional product gets to support their cause, receive a “gift” while showing their friends their support for the cause. This also leverages trust for the brand, with friends seeing friends wearing the branded merchandise; the brand of the charity gets looked upon in a more favourable light.

For those with limited funds; or are already committed elsewhere with charitable contributions, this allows them to still support a charity without any ongoing commitment they may not be able to make.

The yellow  Livestrong wristbands have been the most successful promo item to date in raising funds. The 80 million plus wristbands raised over $100M on their own!livestrong_wristband_charity_marketing

Best selling promo items for charities are branded pin badges, pens, wristbands, mugs, bags, sports bottles, umbrella’s, stickers and t-shirts.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
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