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Express European Elegance with the Quartetto Espresso Set

Quartetto Espresso Set - custom branded

Coffee might power the world, but there’s a big difference between a great cup and a mediocre one. While the quality of the beans, the grind, and the quality and temperature of the water all affect the finished cup, the vessel has a lot to do with the overall experience and amount of enjoyment the drinker experiences. Our Quartetto Espresso Set offers European elegance in a half-cup design for one of the best cups of java you’ll ever experience.

Digging into the Set

A quick look at the Quartetto Espresso Set reveals four identical, sleek coffee mugs. Made from high-quality ceramic and finished in matte black, these mugs feature a demitasse design that perfectly fits the hand. The half-cup volume ensures plenty of flavour but in a quantity that can be consumed before it gets cold. Each cup holds 110 ml of hot coffee.

All four cups ship in a lovely po ‘di fame display box. The coffee mugs nestle within the box, tucked inside a foam divider perfectly formed for protection. The box can be used for storage, but it also makes a wonderful display in the kitchen or bar area. A magnetic closure keeps the lid secure, while the carry handles make transporting the whole set of mugs simple and easy.

Who Is This Set Designed For?

The Quartetto Espresso Set is an ideal gift for just about anyone. Clients, customers, even employees who love a good cup of coffee will find adore these mugs. They’re great for holiday gifts, thank-you gifts, achievement recognition, and for many other purposes. They also make great executive gifts.

Customise Your Gift Set

While the mugs and lovely gift boxes are more than compelling on their own, we offer the chance to do more. You can customise each of the mugs and the display box with your company name, logo, slogan, or even an inspirational or commemorative message. Our customisation specialists use advanced technology to create an indelible message that helps support and build your brand every time the mugs are used or the box is opened.

Not sure what to do in the way of customisation? Get in touch with 4Promote and we’d be happy to provide you with a consultation. We can discuss your gifting needs, as well as what you want to achieve in terms of customisation and brand building. 

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