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Elegance Defined with the Vino Marble Cooler

Custom Branded Marble Vino and Champagne Cooler

Looking for a classy, elegant gift for a valued client, customer, or employee? Our Vino Marble Cooler is stunning but also highly usable. Simply chill a bottle of wine, then set it into the cooler to keep it cold for hours!

A Closer Look at the Vino Marble Cooler

Too often, wine coolers are utilitarian. They serve their purpose, but they fail to deliver the ideal aesthetic experience. That’s not a problem with our Vino Marble Cooler. It’s made from stunning white marble and features an elegant base made from acacia wood. 

The cooler’s body is a subtle white, shot through with grey veins. The wooden base is equally lovely, featuring a natural, tight wood grain and subtle patina. It also comes in a lovely po ‘di fame presentation box with a magnetic closure that doubles as a safe place to store the cooler when it’s not in use. 

How Does the Vino Marble Cooler Work?

To use the wine cooler, all your recipient needs to do is chill a bottle of wine in a chiller or the refrigerator. Then they simply insert it into the cooler. Marble is naturally insulating and will keep the wine at the proper temperature for hours without any need for refrigeration. 

For additional chilling, the cooler can be placed in the freezer while the wine is being chilled. This will help keep the wine cooler for even longer. Ice can also be placed inside the cooler to help chill the wine.

When finished with the cooler, simply rinse it clean and wipe it down with a cloth to dry it. 

Who Is the Ideal Recipient for the Vino Marble Cooler?

Anyone who loves wine and wants an elegant, classic solution to keeping their vintage cool will adore this wine cooler. That makes it a great choice as a gift for employees who’ve gone above and beyond, for treasured clients, and valued customers.

Note that this wine cooler can also be customised with a company name and logo or with other embellishments. The bespoke box offers the optimum location for branding, and our advanced technology helps us create logos, slogans, and business names that stand out at all times. It’s a powerful way to keep your brand front and centre and offers additional brand-building capabilities, as everyone who sees the box and the wine cooler in use will also be exposed to your message.

Contact us today to learn more about customising this wine cooler or our other gift options.

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