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Custom Branded Lozenges

Winter is no time to let your marketing go into hibernation. Cough lollies, or perhaps more correctly lozenges are a way to keep your branding working during the cooler months. We have a range of popular retail brand lozenges that can be custom branded.

We have custom branded cough lollies like Soothers Butter Menthol, Soothers Blackcurrant, Soothers Eucalyptus and Menthol, Soothers Honey & Lemon, Vicks VapoNaturals Drops and Eucalyptus Drops in a variety of packaging options. 

Butter Menthol Lozenges – Custom Branded

Being locally produced means we have a fast turnaround. Using recognised retail brands lets your customers know that they are a reliable form of symptom relief, and you get to piggyback on the decades of trust these brands have built up.

Vicks VapoNaturals – Custom Branded

Custom brand lozenges (cough lollies) work well in the office, at trade shows, for real estate agents or any brand wanting to keep connected during the cooler months.

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Eucalyptus Cough Drops (+ Honey, + Lemon) – Custom Branded
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