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Desktop Items Promote Right on a Client or Prospect’s Desk

Creating and giving away promotional items is an ideal way to conduct targeted marketing, and especially when those items are designed to sit on the recipients’ desktops. They end up working in your favour in two ways:

  • They promote your brand or name every time a recipient meets with someone in their office. The pencil cup with your logo, the mouse pad with your graphic, the notebook or desk calendar with your details…all of these things will draw the eye (if chosen wisely) and promote right from your customer’s desktop
  • They put your name in the recipient’s eye and mind when they are going to look for products or services that you offer. The small organizer, wrist wrest, tape dispenser, unique desk tool…these things will sit in plain sight and when that client needs your products or services again, your name comes to mind instantly

The key, of course, is to choose the right items and design them accordingly. The right objects are going to align with your business’s story properly and naturally. 

Identify Your Story and Align Your Choices

Are you a firm that touts its usefulness to its clients? If so, then the utility of the items you hand out as desktop promos have to be the utmost in utility. That said; they don’t have to be boring. For example, everyone likes charging cables, but you can go with something extra special, like a three-in-one that might charge either Android or iPhones, and it might be a USB powered option that runs a tremendous length to make it continually helpful. 

What about something tremendously helpful, like a phone stand that also features USB ports. Your subtle logo will look at the client and their visitors almost every day!

Maybe you’re all about stability and security? Clients will appreciate something like a webcam cover that also has a screen cleaner attachment. Yet, they could also benefit from something like a power bank that sits right on the desktop and then unplugs to go on the road, offering utility and a steady and stable source of power for all kinds of devices.

Daily Use is Significant

Of course, desktop items designed as promotional products have to be useful on a daily basis in order to remain on the desk itself. As an example, almost everyone in an office setting uses sticky notes and sticky flags, and so a high-quality custom printed book featuring hundreds of notes and flags (and a refillable design) is going to stay in easy reach and do all of the promotional work you had hoped of a desktop promotional product.

Binder clips with company logos, scratch pads, presentation folios, planners and calendars, and fun items like LED “cinema boxes” that allow recipients to create inspirational statements all have a good place in your marketing plan. Don’t forget wireless charging pads that must sit in plain sight all day, portable or Bluetooth speakers that sit on desks, and letter openers that are put to work constantly also quality as ideal desktop promotional items.

When used wisely, these products create nearly subliminal messages that embed your name and logo into a recipient’s thought patterns. Whenever they need the products or services offered, the desktop promotional products will step up and remind them of precisely who to call!

For desktop promo items that can be custom branded, click here.

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