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Custom Mouse Mats for Safety Messaging

Mouse Mats for Safety Messaging

Sending a message and having the message land can be 2 totally different things. Our challenge as marketers is to find ways that engage the recipient. This is very much so with Safety Messaging, position and repetition is king.

More and more jobs involve sitting in front of a computer, and this is increasing due to the move for more people to work from home. Custom branded mouse mats occupy prime real estate at the recipient’s workspace.

Custom Branded Mouse Mats offer

  • Protection from scratches and marks on the table
  • Personalisation – we can add that personal touch with individual names
  • Enhances the performance of the mouse (reduces jitter)
  • Full-colour printing allows for vibrant, creative and impactful design
  • Easy and cost-effective to mail
  • Have a long lifespan – ie great Cost Per Impression effects

Promo mouse mats come in a variety of materials and shapes, printing in full colour across the entire mat is great advertising real estate.

For options on custom branded mouse mats, CLICK HERE

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