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Custom Caps – Uniqueness = Cut Through

Custom Made Promo Caps

A custom cap has long been an icon of promotional products, and yet it is too easy to overlook the many ways that a cap can be customised to suit your message or goal. Just consider that we can customize everything from buttons to bands.

For instance, the button at the top can be cloth or metal and plain or printed/embossed. The eyelets used as ventilation can be metal, enamel, or sewn in and also in an array of colours. The materials used can also make your custom caps stand apart and include unique colours, and fabrics as varied as cotton, sports twill, chino twill, denim, and brushed heavy cotton. 

What else can be customized on a promotional cap? Seam stitching, embellishments (including patches, stitching, printing, and more), the peak (with different stitching, designs, trims, and colours), closures, embellishments, razor tabs and labels, sweatbands, seam tapes, the sandwich (which can be coloured, woven, or printed) and under peaks are all customisable to reflect your message and serve as wearable promotional art.

Decoration options for the outside of a Promo Cap
Decoration options for the back of a Promo Cap
Decoration options for inside a Promo Cap
Decoration Options for Promotional Caps

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