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Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

There are many positions that involve a lot of travel. Whether it is property management, sales, or a more general corporate-oriented industry, it could be easy to associate travelling with your clientele. Because of that, the use of promotional products for them is a great concept.

While it is important to look at your audience through the filter of different niches, such as their hobbies, age, and general demographics, it is also important to consider them from the perspective of other angles. If the industry in which you operate is directly aligned with travel or related to it, then focusing on the needs of clients or potential clients through that travel angle is an effective approach to promotions and marketing.

Naturally, for the promotional products for the travelling clients in your list to be effective, they have to be a bit more outside of the box than most other promotional items. That means there are a few key criteria to consider in the selection process.

How to Choose the Right Promotional Products for the Travelling Client

If we summarize just what you should consider when narrowing down the options, the most important criteria would have to be:

  • Usefulness – Travel is not the time or place for the odd, non-essentials that have to be toted around and which might take up precious space or time using. 
  • Quality – Travelling is also not the time when low-quality items should be used, and this is due to the simple fact that they might fail, tear or otherwise put the traveller in a situation in which they are scrambling to purchase a replacement
  • Ease of use – Eye-catching colours, large handles, easy to use cases…these are all properties of items that work well as promotional products for the travelling client
  • Unique – On top of the other criteria, it is important to remember that there are a lot of products that most travellers, especially frequent travellers, may already own. It may be tricky, but finding unique goods is important

And with those criteria insight, we offer a list of items that can fit the bill.

Some Good Options for Effective Promotional Products for Travelling Clientele

What would a traveller need that is useful, well-made, easy to use, and not redundant in their collection of gear? Some good options to provide with your branding or logo, or as part of a gift or promotional product, would include:

Round EVA Cases – Tote earbuds, cables, and smaller items in these round, durable pockets

Luggage Wraps – Is that black bag theirs or is it the other one? Help them never again struggle to figure out which bag on the trolley is theirs with boldly coloured, branded handle wraps and luggage straps

Portable hangers – Tiny and foldable to the size of a large pen or marker, these gadgets can feature branding and also help travellers keep their coats, bags, and other items from the floor.

Anything from luggage scales and waterproof pouches to carry on totes and RFID cardholders are good options. Speak directly to their needs and your travelling clients will greatly appreciate and respond to your promotional products.

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