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Candles – Light Up your next Promo

Promotional Candles make for a great year-round promotion. Promotional Soy Wax Candles are a must-have item to promote relaxation. Soy wax is completely biodegradable and burns clean with no black smoke or soot. Soy wax also has longer burn time than other candles.

By choosing the scented version of the candles you also get to tap into one of our strongest senses – smell. Sight, smell and physical touch, that’s 3 senses working with your brand! They are an ideal way of associating your brand with a warm and fragrant image.

Promotional candles are an effective promotional item in most industries. They work particularly well in the healthcare and real estate sectors or any sector that services residences like; plumbing, electrical, lawn mowing, handyman and pest control operators.


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