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Blunt Umbrellas – Custom Branded

Custom Branded Blunt Umbrellas

We know that promotional products that have utility value gain more resonance with customers. Umbrellas are a great promo item to showcase your brand while aiding a client. Not all promo umbrellas are created equal.

The Blunt brand of umbrellas is a premium make of umbrella, they have patented tips that open like little umbrellas at the canopy edge that help reinforce the umbrella. This feature creates tension across the umbrella delivering its highly unique and recognisable shape.

The frames are designed to withstand winds from 88kh/h to 115km/h depending on the make. The points of the umbrella are designed with safety in mind, they protect those around us from getting poked by the tips of the umbrella.

There is a wide range of colours available and styles (Blunt Metro, Blunt Coupe, Blunt Classic, Blunt Exec). Custom branding is available with screen printing or full-colour transfer,

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