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Being SunSmart and Using Promo Sunscreen for Summer Long Marketing

Custom Branded Sunscreen Promo

With the onset of Summer, now is the time to start getting back into the routine of being SunSmart.

Being SunSmart is a simple and effective way to reduce your risk and exposure to our sun’s damaging rays.

Applying your branding to sunscreen products is an ideal promotional product for your customers.

Not only does it tell them that you care about their health and well-being, it also gets your logo or branding directly in front of attentive eyes for the whole season. Whether it is a lip balm that includes helpful and beneficial SPF protection or a key-chain sized bottle of high SPF sunscreen, it is going to stand out from the crowd. Recipients are apt to carry such products with them at all times and use them in front of others.

When you want a lot of mileage out of a small investment, the use of sunscreen as a promo gift makes tremendous sense and markets for you all season – and beyond.

Our sunscreens come in a range of sizes – with handy carabiner to hook onto school bags, golf or sports bags, hands-free application as well as zinc for lips etc.

And lots not forget Slip Slop Slap – protect your eyes with some promotional sunglasses with tinted lenses providing UVA and UVB protection and printable arms, UV protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats which can all be decorated with your brand.

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