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An Ideal Onboarding Promotional Gift or Induction Kit

Whether you are tasked with choosing or presenting new hires with an onboarding or new employee induction kit, it helps to recall just what it was like on your first day at the company. New kid on the block, perhaps entering the firm after someone else lost a job or retired, and unsure of how you might do, it is a stressful time. While it is tempting to fill a new employee induction kit with items that relate specifically to the company, it is a good idea also to consider the first impression that this onboarding promotional gift might make.

Logo or Not?

Should the items in the onboarding promotional gift feature the company logo? The best bet is to make a new employee induction kit a reflection of the firm AND something separate. In other words, make that promo gift half promotional and half just a plain, old-fashioned “welcome on board.”

Experts would say that the items need to reflect company culture, but you also want a nice dash of creativity and genuine warmth in the mix. Remember your first day? Would a branded t-shirt, stapler, and company handbook really have said what you needed to hear? No, and so you will want to consider that array of useful items, and then something with a bit more heart.

A branded blanket, a stress ball, or even a flash drive can be both useful and promotional (featuring company colours and logos), but they are also a nicer way to welcome someone than with a collection of office supplies. 

Think “Welcome”

Another factor to consider with onboarding promotional gifts in a new employee induction kit is that they can also reflect whatever the mission of the company or the specific team they are joining might be. As an example, let’s say the company logo is a silhouette of a lab beaker. The team they are joining is working on a long-term project. Their new employee induction kit should have items featuring that logo, but they should not be about utility in the workplace alone. For instance, the welcome gift might include:

  • A hoodie with the logo
  • A t-shirt featuring company colours, the department or product name, and that logo
  • A premium water bottle with the logo
  • A waterproof notebook with premium pen 
  • A hot beverage container with the logo

The goal is to offer a genuine welcome without overdoing it on the logos or the company colours. Useful and thoughtful choices speak volumes at such times.

Think High End

Another tip for making an impact with an induction promotional gift is to go high end with whatever is offered. If the new hire gets a box of chocolates, make them premium or signature brand chocolates. If they get an electronic device, make sure it is a long-lasting and branded item. The goal is to make a favourable impression that sets the foundation for a very happy transition into the team.

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