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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Needs

Promotional products have proven appeal and can help any business or organisation build their brand, reach their audience, and improve their success. However, not all promotional products are right for your needs. It’s vital that you choose the right options, but that can be challenging. Thankfully, a few simple tips will set you on the right path.

1. Who’s Your Audience?

First, you need to consider your audience. While there are some promotional items that have appeal with a wide swathe of the population, that’s not true in all cases, and you may actually benefit more from a narrower focus. Are your audience members into sports? Do they enjoy technology? Do they travel a lot? Learn about your audience and then you can choose promotional items that will work for their needs.

2. Is There Appeal?

Is there appeal with your audience for a particular promotional item? If you did the legwork involved in the first step, you should be reasonably sure that there is, but you should drill down to learn more. For instance, a USB drive might be appealing to IT professionals, but if it holds less than a GB of data, that appeal drops drastically.

3. What about Durability and Quality?

You also need to consider durability and quality when choosing promotional products. No, you don’t want to break the bank, but you don’t want to offer items that will break on the first use. Quality matters and you should be willing to pay for it.

4. What’s Your Budget?

Speaking of paying for it, make sure that you set a budget for your promotional activities. It should include the purchase of promotional products, but also other things, such as costs involved with distribution, packaging, marketing, etc. 

5. How Will You Distribute?

Your plans (and your budget) also need to take into account how you’ll distribute your promotional products to your audience. Will you be at a trade show? Will you be holding a fundraiser? Will you bag several promo items together? Distribution is one of the most often overlooked aspects here. Make sure you plan effectively.

6. Customisation Matters

Having a great promotional item is only half of the equation. It also needs to be customised to your company or organisation. Your name, logo, and tagline should be emblazoned boldly. The quality of the customisation should be such that it will last through plenty of use, helping to build your brand and market share.

7. Connecting with Your Brand

Finally, make sure that you take the opportunity to make promotional items connect with your brand. For instance, a travel company could use promotional luggage tags to connect with their brand. An IT service provider could use USB drives. That doesn’t mean you cannot use stubby coolers, notepads, stress balls and the like that don’t necessarily connect with your organisation’s purpose, but you may find that you generate more traction with a closer connection.

With these simple tips, you should find it easier to not only choose the right promotional products, but to generate success with them. If you’re not sure which items will work best for you, we can help. Get in touch with 4Promote today to learn more.

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