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6 Tips to Get Better Traction with Promotional Products

Promotional products can have a significant impact on your marketing and branding success. However, they must be used in the right way if you’re to see those benefits. Not sure how to go about building traction with promotional items? We’ve got six tips that will help improve your success, build your brand, and improve market share.

1. Use Them Within Your Organisation

First, stop thinking that promotional products are only for those outside your company. They can be so much more than swag bag contents or raffle prizes. In fact, when you work with the right partner, you can create high-quality, high-demand items that include your logo, brand name, tagline, and other marketing messages while ensuring maximum use by your employees or staffers. For instance, logoed polo shirts can be used as a uniform of sorts – they’re promotional items but your team will be glad to swap out their shirts and ties to wear them. 

2. Choose the Right Products

You can (and should) also use promotional items as rewards and incentives within your business or organisation. Looking for something to give your employee of the month? A promotional product could be just the ticket, provided that it is of higher value than a pen or stubby cooler, of course. This is where the right partner comes in. At 4Promote, we offer the widest range of products available, and we go far beyond the basics.

3. Choose Everyday Use Items

You don’t need to spend a fortune on logoed products to build traction. Instead, choose everyday use items. Not sure what those are? Think about things like travel mugs, backpacks and briefcases, caps, or even car shades. These items are used every single day out in the real world, offering immense brand-building opportunities.

4. Go High-End

Want to separate yourself from other companies with your promotional products? Go high-end with your offerings. Gourmet chocolates, leather luggage, luxurious bathrobes – you get the idea. These items can be branded but set your company apart from others.

5. Make Sure Quality Is High

Whether you’re giving away branded pens or you’re rewarding an employee for 30 years of service, you need to make sure that your products are of high quality. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank, but you do need to ensure that the products you use will stand the test of time and hard use.

6. Connect with Social Issues

Look beyond what your company or organisation does. Find a way to connect your promotional products with an issue that matters to your audience. For instance, reusable shopping bags help reduce plastic waste, as do metal water bottles. Stationery made from recycled paper helps reduce deforestation. You get the idea – connect with a cause and you’ll create more traction.

When it’s all said and done, the right promotional products and the right partner are essential to your success. Get in touch with us at 4Promote today to learn more about our product offerings, customisation options, and brand-building solutions.

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